As simple as this can be this awkward!

Awkward for who you ask?

I was finding out ways to configure my email with one of the leading linux email client (or it seems) and this is the error message I received. I mean, commendable effort on trying to communicate with the user. Take a look at the screenshot.

The person in charge of creating awesome error messages has some deep thinking to do. He could not wait to tell us all how it is that he feels about her when she just said “ok”!

I hope you find solace in the image of her in someone else. But what would’ve been cool though is to tell us all what steps might one take to get this working. I mean if you can write this much, you can definetly write the steps to overcome the issue. Why not write that? Huh!?

You think about only yourself !

That’ll be marvelous though! to see error messages with ways to fix them right in the report itself.

That brings me to the error message. Let’s take a look at the message one more time. The way that the message is written is very childlike. It opens up by saying :

  • Ok Gimap ready for requests from IP ADDRESS **** ( some random numbers)

The message simply says GIMaps are ready to accept the request from the server IP which is not even my IP address. GI maps is not a service I am aware of and there is no mention of it anywhere in repository. Not in this context anyway.


Which means that you are supposed to be capable to decipher this code because we will write random messages in our error messages which is followed by Authorization service.

  • Ok That’s all she wrote! w20mb1654954861iot

This is the error message which makes sense. This is to the point, succinct and needs no revision whatsoever. Let’s see if I can make out what it says:

w: Nah!

20mb: Can be the cache size

Random number generator does its work

iot: Internet of Things

Yes, still very clear. Makes perfect sense. All left to do is beat around the bush.

  • login ********** (it took effort to make these stars follow each other)

As this tells us all, login is for the email id which i recognize. *********** are unnecessary.

  • NO Authentication failed [INVALID CREDENTIALS] Failure

For this I need an interpreter.

What does this statement mean!!

Well, if the goal was to keep us users in the dark for whatever reason may that be, kudos! I implore you!

For everything else, I hope you forgive her. And solve the above at your end.